Sunday, February 26, 2012


I love these valentines starbucks cups. We never had these when I worked there. I love these more than the red christmas cups.

Sorry I haven't really blogged lately. Things have been crazy. I finished up my internship and said goodbye to San Francisco...again. I take San Francisco for granted and I never truly appreciate it as much as I should.

Now as for a crazy kind of night, last Thursday, the caltrain I was on hit someone, and he died. I was surprised to hear that his actually happens quite often. It was between California Avenue and San Antonio station in Palo Alto/Mountain View. Whether the guy just crossed the track by accident or was out there to commit suicide, we'll probably never know. Strangely enough, a few minutes before this, our train was stopped at California station because there was a car stuck on the track. After about 20 minutes, the police got the car towed and then less than 3 minutes later, the train conductor announced that we had hit someone. My dad was supposed to pick me up from the station, so I ended calling him and telling him to come back later because we could not leave the train for 2 hours. The police had to come, they called the coroner, and we had to wait until the scene was released before we were allowed to get off and get onto another train that pulled up alongside us. Crazy right? RIP mystery man.

I'm currently in Florida where my sister ran the Disneyworld Half Marathon this morning. It was nuts, there were supposedly about 30,000 runners. and they all wore costumes. I'll be at Disneyworld for the next couple of days where I am going to ride tons of rides and then its back to school in Boston.

Peace out cub scouts.

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