Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the san francisco 5k...finally!

We finished the 5k! Woo! As you all know, this was my first road race. I am super psyched because I completed all my goals! I finished, I ran the whole thing, and I ran it in under 36 minutes!

My final time was 33:24 (for 3.2 miles. they had to make it a little longer than a regular 5k so we could end at the same place as the half marathon). And I was running at a 10:46 pace! Overall, I'm super happy with how everything went. I still have a lot of trouble running outside, but I am really happy with my time and pacing. No photos from the actual race because I was too busy trying not to die, but here are a couple of before and after group shots...

Here is us before the race (pictures taken by a random stranger courtesy of Homan's iPhone). It is very early in the morning. Chris made us leave Saratoga at like 5:20 AM.

And...after! All done!

We ate breakfast afterwards at the Beach Chalet. Yum.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco
(another beautiful SF day)

Looking towards the future...
1. I'm running the Ras na hEireann (I can neither pronounce it nor spell it) in Somerville on March 18th. Apparantly it's the "Race of Ireland and the United States of America" and "the most genuine Irish race on this side of the Atlantic." I am running the 5k and then running straight to the bar to do some post race craic-ing. I've interpreted this to mean drink a lot of beers.

2. I probably need to try a 10k in the coming months. Any suggestions?

3. And ultimately...the big goal is: the Philly Half Marathon in November!

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  1. 1. Pat did that irish race last year. It's..on or right near his birthday. You should see if he's going to attempt it again. Beer will be before and after.

    2. No.

    3. With Irene and Jim?