Monday, March 19, 2012

ras na hEireann

I've been a very bad blogger. Apologies to all. A combination of moving back to Boston + school + my mom came to visit and cooked 100 pounds of food so I haven't had to try to feed myself or try out new recipes.

Our food supply has dwindled, so I promise I will be blogging more in the coming days.

This past weekend and I ran the ras na hEireann ("the most genuine Irish race this side of the Atlantic") with a few of my friends. The race was a 5k that started and ended in Davis Square in Somerville, MA.

Davis Square! + my sister looking like a leprechaun.

Before the race I like to text instead of stretch. I also like to eat ramen noodles for breakfast (which I was not allowed to do. I had to settle for some pasta instead).

Ashley, Orlando, me, and Carla - FINISHED!

 We got these awesome medals with a bottle opener attached to it. I'm going to start wearing it to house parties so I can crack open a beer at anytime.

At the Joshua Tree in Davis Square. 

Afterwards, you are supposed to go drink free beers at the bars in Davis Square. I think its a trick because you're so dehydrated that you drink 2 beers and end up wasted...and hungover by 3pm.

I ended up with a time of 32:04, which I was really surprised by because I had a rough time during the race. I hit a wall between miles 2 and 3 and ended up walking for a bit and getting water at the water stop. The course had a bunch of rolling hills (which we all know I can't handle) so maybe it was a combination of the hills and the warmer weather. I'm not sure.

Special congrats to Carla and Orlando who ran their first 5k's like speed demons.

Also for those of you who can't tell, there's a zebra on my shirt. This is what happens when you wait until the night before to get your st. patrick's day race outfit together. You end up at TJ Maxx with a zebra t-shirt. Whatever, it's awesome.

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