Monday, February 20, 2012

philzZz coffee

As some (or maybe most) of you know, I worked for Starbucks for quite some time, which means my favorite kind of coffee is free coffee! During training, they used to make us sniff coffee and taste this and that and try to differentiate the dark roasts from the light roasts etc. I never really quite figured it out. They all seemed the same to me. I did, however, think that Gold Coast (aka GoCo) smelled like tequila, but I may have been hungover at the time and just smelling the tequila emanating from my pores. As you can see, I'm not picky when it comes to coffee. If it's coffee, I'll drink it! In fact, I swear the best tasting coffee I ever had was from a Burger King at a rest stop on the Maine Turnpike. Then again, I may have been delirious from lack of sleep and it may have been 3am.

All that being said, I just paid $3.50 for a 16oz coffee, and it is for sure the BEST COFFEE I have ever had. And its most definitely worth the money I paid for it. Sorry Burger King, you've been de-throned by Philz!

Philz Coffee is a small Bay Area chain that originated in the Mission District in San Francisco. And apparently there's a real guy named Phil! I've been frequenting the SoMa location, which is right around the corner from the Caltrain.

So far I've tried the following blends: Tesora, Ambrosia Coffee of God, and Philtered Soul. Philtered Soul is my favorite so far, but I plan on trying a few more blends before I leave San Francisco. Now why is the coffee so good? I can't describe it. It's complex. It's like each sip has several layers with different flavors -  something i've never experienced when it comes to coffee. Each cup is individually ground and brewed (or should I say hand poured because they don't use coffee machines!).

They have beans too! I may have to bring some back to Boston with me.

Philz Coffee: I love you. I'm going to miss you when I leave San Francisco.

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