Sunday, September 23, 2012

what do you eat pre and post run? + half marathon training: week 6

(the visitors center at Boston Common has a drinking fountain inside! and...the water is cold!)

By next Sunday, I will be HALF DONE with my half marathon training! It's scary because I feel like I'll never be ready to run 13.1 miles.

I went on my long run today and ran my longest distance yet...8.7 miles!!!! Granted, my legs got really really sore around mile 6.5 and by the time I got near my house, I think I was more limping then running.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 10:42
Mile 2: 12:23
Mile 3: 13:21
Mile 4: 11:57
Mile 5: 11:33
Mile 6: 11:53
Mile 7: 11:02
Mile 8: 13:08
Mile 8.7: 9:14
Total time: 1:45:10 (11:45 pace)

Normally I like to pause my watch while I am getting water (I tend to linger at the water fountains) or at a really really long intersection so I can get a more accurate picture of what pace I am actually running. However, today I decided to keep the watch running so I could see how long I was actually out there for. I don't think my total pace suffered too much, which means I think I am running faster...hopefully? I still run slow as shit, but that is not something I can change overnight.

I'm still trying to figure out what to eat before and after my runs. I have some weird eating habits for sure. This morning I had a Stonyfield Farm vanilla yogurt w/ granola, 1/2 a cup of coffee with soy milk, and some Trader Joes easy mac (please don't judge me). I feel like I was adequately fueled throughout my run, although eating mac and cheese in the morning probably isn't the best idea for most people...and certainly not the healthiest. It was just the easiest thing for me to deal with this morning.

I did just order some Justin's Nut Butter (the honey peanut butter flavor!) so I think I am going to start trying to eat peanut butter sandwiches along with a banana before pre-run.
After my run I had cream of wheat, a banana, 1/2 of a blue colored Powerade, and 13 pork and leek dumplings. I don't think this is an appropriate post-run meal (because my legs hurt a lot and my stomach hurt a little and it's a really weird lunch), BUT I am definitely too scared to try a protein shake.

What do you like to eat pre and post long runs?

In other news, the weather is getting SO GOOD for running outside! As of the weather report right now (and yes, I know this is New England and the weather can change in an instant), next Sunday it is supposed to be a high of 63 and partly cloudy.

Half Marathon Training Plan: Week 6 (Sept 24 - 30)
Monday (9/24): rest day or yoga at the gym?
Tuesday: track workout! 1200m @ 5K pace, 400m jogging. Repeat 3x for a total of 4 miles
Wednesday: 25 min easy run or cross train
Thursday: 20 min easy run or cross train
Friday: 55 min hilly run - 15 min easy pace, 20 min tempo pace, 20 min easy pace
Saturday: rest day!
Sunday: 1 hr 50 min easy run (long run)

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