Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what ca does best: beautiful produce + sunshine in the midst of winter

One of California's redeeming qualities is its produce selection. Summer, winter, fall, or spring, the produce always looks beautiful. Last winter, Orlando and I parked in a snowbank and then walked a mile to get to the Somerville Winter's Farmers Market. When we got there, we found 1 little veggie stand with lots of potatoes. While it was fun to buy purple potatoes, it was nothing like a true California farmers market. So this past Saturday, I decided to take full advantage of my time here and visited my local Saratoga Farmers Market. Here is what I encountered...

how awesome do these strawberries look? and its december!

carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli (delicious roasted together)

I also got the chance to try (and buy) some Bolani, which is a delicious afghani bread. It comes stuffed with spinach, pumpkin, potato, or lentils (I got the pumpkin one of course). I ate it before I got a chance to take a photo (sorry). The vendor also sells these delicious spreads such as, cilantro pesto, garlic mint cheese, and hummus. I can't wait to go next Saturday to try some more stuff!

This past weekend, I also got the chance to go to Monterey. My cousin is getting married at the Intercontinental next summer, so she brought us there to check it out. Monterey is BEAUTIFUL. Trust me on this one.

the lobby of the intercontinental (it has a very california modern feel to it)

view from her wedding site...right on the ocean

i love it here

outside view of the hotel

My next project is finding fun Monterey activities for us to do before and after the wedding. So far on my list is (1) drink clam chowder; (2) visit the Nestle Toll House Cafe.


  1. I would totally get married there. Also, only semi related, I went to clearflour bakery for the first time yesterday!

  2. how was clear flour? i don't think i've ever been there. but i want to!!