Saturday, December 3, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

I figured some of you might want to know a bit more about me (seeing as I never really introduced myself). My name is Jennifer and I am a 28 year old grad student living in Brookline, MA.

Here are some of my favorite...
pizza - eggplant and ricotta
movie - the rock
beer - sam summer (b/c it reminds me of sitting outside)
bar with the best memories - pizzeria reginas, medford, ma (before, during, and after work)
food - homemade pasta or fish tacos
place to get poutine - all star sandwich bar
beverage - hot coffee
place to get hot coffee - whatever's the most convenient!
place to get iced coffee - mary lou's
game to play at starbucks - starbucks survivor
boston restaurant - kebab factory (okay so it's in cambridge or maybe somerville. oh well. it's delicious!)
california restaurant - i really can't decide
food truck - clover food lab
hangover/comfort food - cream of mushroom soup over rice
cd i could listen to over and over again - rent
sandwich place - tbd (there may be a post about this in the future...)

Also, I am excellent at angry birds.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask.

And a photo of...the Mountain View Caltrain Station from this morning! (yes I know I am wicked lame about taking photos, but hey, I'm working on it)


  1. Let's try this again: First of all, that is a fantastic photo. Second of all, STARBUCKS SURVIVOR!! Second choice: Volcano.

  2. Pizzeria Regina's.. love that place. So many good memories!

  3. Bailey, you should reincarnate starbucks survivor!

    and Mindy, lets go to Reginas when I get back. I need to eat pizza! and drink pitchers of beer.

  4. Thank you Saraa! Hope you are having fun in Geneva :)