Sunday, October 14, 2012

half marathon training: week 9

I missed my long run this week. I blame an extremely unproductive day in the library. Which means I need to make it up on Tuesday morning. Not fun.

Here's a photo I took from my unproductive desk during my unproductive day in the library. It is possible that my unproductiveness stemmed from staring out the window all day.

I did get a chance to go the John Adams Courthouse this past week to listen to oral arguments. The John Adams Courthouse houses the Massachusetts Appeals Court, as well as the Supreme Judicial Court. And it is super pretty.

In other news, I'm going to Ithaca next weekend to visit my friend Ranwei and do some fall activities!  I plan to do some leaf peeping, farm animal petting, and pumpkin picking. I'll have to sneak a long run in while I am there. i'm going to force her to come with me (she doesn't know yet).

Half Marathon Training Plan: Week 9 (Oct 15-21)
Monday: rest day!
Tuesday: 10.5-11 mile run (long run)
Wednesday: 25 min run or cross train
Thursday: 60 min run
Friday: 45 min easy run
Saturday or Sunday: 11-12 mile run (long run)

Do I have time to go on all these runs? I am not sure.

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