Sunday, May 6, 2012

living and eating in the library

I've been living in the Northeastern law library lately. With exams just around the corner, it's become my new home. While I am here, I also apparently only like to eat junk food. Which is why I've made a list of all the crap I've eaten in here today. I've been here for 12 hours and counting. So go ahead, be my guest and judge me.

Medium coconut iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts with cream and sugar. For those of you who know me, you know that: (1) I only drink iced coffee when it is hot out and it's too hot for me to stomach an iced coffee. Today's temp when I got it: probably around 50 degrees; and (2) I don't drink my coffees with sugar. These are clear signs that I am losing it!

Half a bag of peanut butter m&ms. On Friday when I was here, I ate the other half of the bag as my "dinner." Please note that this was my pre-10k race dinner

A couple of salt and vinegar flip chips. My friend Jo got these for free somewhere in Harvard Square. I think they are supposed to be "healthy" for you, but I'd rather eat lays.

A reeses peanut butter cup in the shape of a beautiful holiday bell. I think these were leftover Christmas candies from at least a few years ago.

A Trader Joes frozen meal. I think there was chicken and barley and risotto in it? I also added some frozen veggies to this.

Medium hot coffee from ABP. Please note, when I went to get my coffee, I also intended to get some chicken fingers from Wollastons as a snack, but they were sold out! Now I have a huge craving for chicken fingers...

White cheddar cheez-its.

Whole wheat pasta with canned tomato soup. I may have also dumped some more frozen veggies in this. Apparently I can't be bothered to eat real vegetables these days.

Half a piece of salmon. Possibly the only nutritious thing I ate all day.

this basically sums up my life these days

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