Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9 + 1

My body hurts. I'm trying to increase my distance so that I'm ready to run a 10k by the first weekend in May. In order to do this, I'm doing this new thing on the treadmill where I run 9 minutes and then walk 1 minute. During each 9 minute interval, I also increase my speed by 1 click on the machine. I'm normally on the treadmill for an hour, and I can get a little over 5 miles in.

Surprisingly during my runs, things go great. Time passes by super quickly and I don't feel like I want to die. Its easy to stay motivated knowing that you can walk in just a few minutes.

After my workout is a whole different story. It makes me want to eat EVERYTHING in sight and my legs (which are not used to running this far) get super tired.

Pictures from a recent run along the Charles:

Charles River (going west towards Harvard)

Boston is a GREAT town for running outside. I've been back for about a month and a half now and I've gone on all sorts of different routes. I'm all over the place...from the different sides of the Charles, and in different directions, Castle Island, around the Emerald Necklace, down Beacon Street, and random loops around my neighborhood. So much better than running the Saratoga Town Loop every weekend.

 Castle Island + Fort Independence in South Boston

Cloudy day on the Charles (photo taken from the Cambridge side)

Beacon Street in the Spring

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