Monday, November 28, 2011

sauvignon blanc por favor

Our schedule at Northeastern is a bit strange. After our first year we go on a quarter system and rotate between classes and doing a "coop" which is an internship. This quarter, I've decided to do my coop at the SF Public Defenders. I am staying with my parents in the south bay and seeing as my car is in Boston, I will be taking the caltrain everyday. I also get dropped off at the caltrain station in Mountain View by my know, like a middle schooler. Anyways, today I arrived at the crack of dawn aka 6:45am. It was surprisingly busy and there was a coffee cart that may or may not also sell hot dogs. I will investigate that tomorrow. Now the big surprise came after can drink on the caltrain! wtf. The lady in front of me sits down, takes a small plastic bottle of wine out of a grocery bag, and then pours it in a plastic cup! She then proceeds to sip and enjoy her wine while doing something on her laptop. Really?? Now that I know this, I will probably mix a cocktail or two tomorrow morning.


  1. The lady who sat in front of you sounds much more civilized than the lady who sat in front of me on caltrain. My lady downed 5-6 wines and ranted to herself the whole time. I hope you don't meet her...she smelled really boozy.

  2. I know. She definitely kept it classy after she poured it into a plastic cup. I would have just drank it from the bottle.